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Spray Guns

To paint surfaces in rooms with large areas or high ceilings it is more advisable to use a spray gun. A spray gun is best for emulsion paint or any other composition. 

Total Tools offers two varieties of spray guns, pneumatic (air) and battery-operated. Keep in mind that an air spray gun will necessitate owning a compressor as well to operate it.

Here are our spray guns and air tools on offer:

TAT10401 – Spray Gun 400cc 1.5mm

TAT10402 – Spray Gun 400cc 1.5mm

TAT10605 – Spray Gun 600cc 1.3mm Industrial

TAT10601 – Spray Gun HVLP 600cc 1.4mm Industrial

TAT11004 – Spray Gun HVLP 1000cc 1.4mm Industrial

TAT11001 – Spray Gun 1000cc 1.5mm

TSGLI2001 – Spray Gun 20V Lithium-Ion

TT5006 – 550w HVLP Spray Gun

TATK051 – Air Tools 5Pcs Set

TATK053 – Air Tools 5Pcs Set

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