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The Difference Between A Torx Key And A Hex Key

A hex key, also called Allen keys, have a hexagonal cross section. Torx keys have a star or asterisk-shaped cross section. 

Both hand tools, along with Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, all perform the same basic function of fastening bolts and driving screws. They can however not be used interchangeably and are often differentiated by shape and size for specific industries.

A major benefit of Torx screws in comparison with Phillips or hex screws is that they are less susceptible to cam-out. This makes it more difficult to accidentally damage the screw head by applying too much force.

Allen keys are often found on musical instruments such as electric guitars and are also used for small industrial products. Torx screws can frequently be found inside automotive engines and consumer electronic devices such as laptop computers, with the most visible examples being internal hard drives and shell components for Apple products such as Macbooks and Macbook Pros. Torx screws are useful in any application where precision is preferable over overt force due to their additional stability.

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