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String Trimming Buying Guide

For cleaning up weeds and unruly grass using a string trimmer is great…but which kind should you buy?

There are two kinds of string trimmers available: petrol string trimmers and electric string trimmers. You can also find both available in curved shaft and straight shaft models. Let Total Tools help you discover the advantages of both kinds of string trimmers and stay safe while perfecting your lawn.


Petrol String Trimmer

If your lawn is composed of heavier grasses or weed prone areas, consider using a unit that allows for a thicker trimmer line, such as a petrol-powered trimmer.


Advantages of Petrol String Trimmers:

·         Quite powerful.

·         Simpler portability.

·         Different size trimmer line can be accepted.

·         Best suited to large areas.

You will want to prepare a petrol-powered string trimmer for the winter. Generally, it is best to either empty the tank completely (run the unit until it stops) or to keep it full of petrol that has been treated with a fuel stabilizer. Consider changing the spark plugs as well.


Electric String Trimmer

A battery-operated string trimmer has a run time of 20-40 minutes per charge on average, depending on the area being done. Initial charge should be overnight (8-12 hours) and a recharge generally takes 6 hours.


Advantages of Electric String Trimmers:

·         There are no fumes.

·         Light and manoeuvrable.

·         Best for smaller areas.

·         Line spools can be swapped easily.

·         No storage preparation needed for winder.

·         More economic than petrol string trimmers.


Straight Shaft String Trimmers Versus Curved Shaft String Trimmers

The drive cable in a curved shaft model must curve and this can result in cable breakage over time. Due to this, straight shaft trimmers are more reliable. They also allow the user to reach spots, such as under bushes, more easily. If you want a bit more balance, then choose a curved shaft string trimmer. It will also allow for a more comfortable cutting position to the user.


String Trimmer Safety

Even though string trimmers don’t look as intimidating as a lawn mower blade, make sure you’re using it safely. Its speed can move fast enough to strip bark from a tree and toss debris.


Be sure to protect your eyes with safety glasses. You will also want to wear sturdy shoes and long pants, despite discomfort in the summer, to protect your feet and legs from debris. For hand protection from debris, we recommend wearing work gloves. Do not forget about ear protection, as string trimmers can be quite loud. You could wear either ear plugs or earmuffs to protect your ears.


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