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20 December, 2021 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Why Petrol Generators

Power: we don't notice when we have it, but we certainly notice it when it's gone. To power a caravan over a weekend, or to keep the lights on during a power cut, you will need to find an alternative way to generator power away from relying on the grid. 

It's why at Total Tools we supply a range of generators to keep the power flowing, no matter the conditions or the location. 

Coming in petrol or diesel varieties, our generators are uniquely positioned to deliver power where you need it – whether that's on site, on holiday or in the basement. Let's look at the two varieties on offer:

Petrol Generators 

Petrol powers both Total Tools's range of generators. Models like the Total Tools TP155001 Petrol Generator offer from its 4-stroke Total Tools petrol engine 5.0KW of power output and combines it with a tough frame.

For those with more significant demands but don't want to lose the portability of Total Tools's petrol range, models like the Total Tools TP175006 Recoil and Electric Start Petrol Generator offers 6000W output to deliver more economy than a traditional conventional petrol generator. For big sites, large motors, or other heavy loads, it's the ultimate mobile power station.

Diesel Generators

Not all generators are designed to hit the road, so for when you need reliable standby power for your home or business, you turn to Total Tools' diesel generator.

Designed to deliver outstanding standby performance, Total Tools' diesel generator is the market leader in standby power, ready and able to hop in the second the grid fails you and power is cut to your building.

You will find an option designed to suit the requirements of your home or business. Come to Total Tools today and never be without power again!