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28 February, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

The Greatest Saw You Have Never Heard Of

The oscillating multitool is the best saw for remodellers. Multitools are much overlooked, but they can completely change your carpentry game. 

Oscillating multitools are electric tools that vibrate a bit or blade side to side in roughly a 1/2" sweep. By producing this motion, it powers the bit or blade to perform a function with great control.

Multitools can be used as sanders, with sanding attachments, and their shape lets them get into places where palm sanders can't. Also, they have several popular scraping and grout-cutting attachments.

The cutting function of a multitool is what makes them so extraordinary and might even make using it primarily as a saw be its main function when doing remodelling.

By utilising their narrow, side-to-side vibration, you can easily make PLUNGE CUTS - something that nearly all other power saws struggle with.

Multitools can also make FLUSH CUTS, because of their offset bent necks. The blades can be set directly on a surface and used to cut protruding material at the base.

Multitools also utilise metal-cutting bits for cutting or notching light-gauge metal.

Oscillating Multitools do have a couple drawbacks:

- They're very loud, and blades are sharp. Use it with both hands, and don't pass a moving blade over your body. You may drop it!

- They go through blades quickly (multitool blades wear out)

- They become ineffective when blades are dull. The multitool will bind up or take forever to cut. 

- They aren't great for long cuts. Save those for your circular saw or even jigsaw.

Otherwise, because of their ability to make drop cuts, multitools are a dream come true for people remodelling or renovating houses.

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