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24 February, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

11 Worst Circular Saw Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

1. Getting in the cut path

Keep all body parts free of the cut path to avoid becoming free of those body parts. Use clamps to hold your piece steady and get your free hand and out of the way. 

2. Binding the blade

Don't twist the saw, and don't let the wood close up on the blade. This will bind the blade causing kickback.

3. Failure to prop the cut

Make sure you lift your material off the surface you're cutting on, possibly with scrap prop blocks. This will prevent you from cutting your work surface.

4. Setting the saw blade too deep

Never let the circular saw blade more than 1/4" past the bottom of the material you're cutting.

5. Adjust the saw while in motion

Don't do this! Don't adjust the depth or bevel while the saw is spinning.

6. Don't retract the saw while it's spinning

Let the circular saw wind down before retracting it from a partial cut.

7. Removing the blade guard

Pro framers will sometimes remove or pin back their circular saw blade guards. Don't do this!

8. Don't set a saw "blade down"

You're supposed to flip circular saws over when you set them down. This prevents an exposed blade from causing the saw to kickback or run away.

9. Starting up with contact

Make sure your circular saw blade is not in contact with wood when you start it up. Pull it back just a bit, then spin up the saw.

10. Cord drag

Be careful of your cord getting hung up on the end of the board when you're pushing the circular saw forward in a cut.

11. Forgetting trigger discipline

Keep your finger off the circular saw trigger until you're ready to cut with the saw!

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