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23 February, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

How To Choose A Spray Gun And Be A Step Ahead

There are a lot of spray guns to choose from in the Total Tools range. You may have a hard time picking which one to take as the customer. We have an even harder time choosing which ones to showcase.

Air, electric, cordless… How do you choose the right one?

Professionals and Habitual Sprayers

For professional workers or someone that is going to use the spray gun often, then a pneumatic (air) spray gun is the one you should choose. It will also ensure better performance. You will then also need a compressor to power it. 

If you want to spray but don’t want to also buy a compressor, then you should choose an electric spray gun or the very convenient cordless spray gun.

To do quick work that does not need high atomization for smoother paint, then you would choose an electric spray gun like the cordless spray gun.

Our spray guns on offer:

TAT10401 – Spray Gun 400cc 1.5mm (Pneumatic/Air spray gun)

TAT10402 – Spray Gun 400cc 1.5mm (Pneumatic/Air spray gun)

TAT10605 – Spray Gun 600cc 1.3mm Industrial (Pneumatic/Air spray gun)

TAT10601 – Spray Gun HVLP 600cc 1.4mm Industrial (Pneumatic/Air spray gun)

TAT11004 – Spray Gun HVLP 1000cc 1.4mm Industrial (Pneumatic/Air spray gun)

TAT11001 – Spray Gun 1000cc 1.5mm (Pneumatic/Air spray gun)

TSGLI2001 – Spray Gun 20V Lithium-Ion (Cordless spray gun) 

TT5006 – 550w HVLP Spray Gun (Electric spray gun)