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13 February, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

The Two Most Important Power Tools For Carpentry

To cover the most basic functions for carpentry, cutting and fastening, you will only need these two power tools:

circular saw and a 20V 1/2" cordless drill

Circular saws act as a stand-in for mitre and table saws. They are as powerful as these larger tools and unlike them, a circular saw can be carried around in your hand. It can crosscut like a mitre saw and rip like a table saw. It also doesn’t have cut reach limits and will cut as far as you can push it.

1/2” cordless drills can be used for both drill and drive. This makes them the ultimate power tool for fastening. Cordless drills have clutches, this allows them to offer more control than corded drills. 

Please remember to be careful with your circular saw. Keep your hands away from the cutting path and do not use any part of your body to brace or stop the circular saw. It can be a very dangerous tool and you need to practice all safety precautions when you use it.