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20 December, 2021 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

The Most Versatile Handle Available

A better screwdriver handle, one that considers that our hands interact with the tool in multiple positions, not just one standard grip, is what we set out to make. A curvy, contoured handle is probably not what you were expecting us to come up with, but it’s not about how it looks, it’s foremost about how it works. Generous in overall size, torque and speed are seamlessly combined functions with this unique shape.

Comfortable Torque

Our handle engages and uses the physical structure of your hand, instead of on the unreliable (and often painful) friction between your skin and the surface of the handle to turn the driver. With a three-sided shape that acts like paddles to push against, this lets you comfortably generate much higher torque for far longer without tiring, even when your hands are slippery.

Smooth Speed

While the centre of the handle is three-sided, the front and back sections are completely circular in cross section. Since you're not always needing loads of torque, this allows you to quickly and continuously spin the driver with your fingertips and avoid tripping over the "bumps" around the middle.