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8 February, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Brush vs Brushless

Both brush and brushless refer to the engineering of the tool motor. Brush tools use a rotary action which transfers their power. Brushes are little carbon blocks which are housed in the motor. These brushes wear down over time and can cause sparking and overheating. This drastically reduces the efficiency of the brush tool.

Brushless tools have done away with these brushes, and have large magnets attached directly to the rotor instead. There is very little contact between parts in brushless motors, so you do not get friction or overheating, and of course, no worn-out brushes.

Brushless tools and drills can produce 20 to 30% more torque and speed. They can also last for thousands of hours of usage.

Brushless motors have many advantages over their brush counterparts, and it is only the price difference that can give pause.

Here are some of our brushless tools on offer:

Impact Driver Set 20V Industrial 170nm

1/2" Impact Wrench Set 20V, 300nm

1/2" Impact Wrench 20V, 300nm

20V Pruning Shears

Angle Grinder 20V Lithium-Ion Industrial

20V Chain Saw