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31 January, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Table Saw vs Mitre Saw

The blade of a table saw is fixed. Its circular blade sticks out through an opening from the flat table. This allows a carpenter to make various cuts. The blade can be raised or lowered while making cuts. The higher the blade, the deeper the cut.

Table saws are suitable for building cabinets, furniture, and ripping plywood. They are versatile and can make almost all cut types like angular, rip, and crosscuts.


Mitre saws have a circular blade on a swing arm, which allows you to bring the blade down to the material for cutting a short, controlled motion. You can set this swing-mounted blade to different angles, which is where a mitre saw’s strength lies in.

A mitre saw is specifically used for making crosscuts, mitre, compound, and beveled cuts. It is precision tool for carpenters helpful in framing, base or crown molding, and trim work.


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