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29 January, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Lithium-Ion Battery Specifications

Quick definitions:

·        Ampere Hour (Ah): This is how much ‘fuel’ or charge a battery can store

·        Voltage (V): How much ‘strength’ or power the battery can provide

·        Memory Effect: When a battery has reduced capacity due to incorrect charging

·        Cycle Life: The number of times a battery can be recharged before performance degrades

·        Self-Discharge: The amount of charge a battery loses when not in use


Lithium-Ion batteries are the most modern type of batteries and work best for cordless tools.


Quick facts about li-ion batteries:

·        Cycle life: <1900 cycles (depending on design and make of battery)

·        Self-discharge: 8% at 21 °C (much higher though as temperature increases)

·        Ah rating: 2.0 Ah and up!


Li-Ion Batteries Pros

Very light-weight and small

Hold a large amount of energy

Self-discharge rate is very low at normal room temperatures

No memory effect

No memory effect

Requires no maintenance


Li-Ion Batteries Cons

High temperatures during use or charging can cause the batteries to explode, although most feature adequate safety features to prevent this

High cost compared to other battery types

Is sensitive to heat and impact