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26 January, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Recommendations To Manage Your Noisy Generator

A 7500w generator produces around 76 dB which is quite noisy. There are however a few fixes you can make to mitigate some of the noise. 

1.      Generator Silencer/Muffler:

Like a car’s exhaust pipe, a generator can also be muffled to more tolerable levels. You install a silencer/muffler to the end of the exhaust pipe of a generator, which is relatively easy. 

Look for a generator silencer as opposed to just any commercial or industrial silencer. 

This typically results in an overall reduction of noise by about 10-15 dB.


2.      Padding Below the Generator

The vibrations that a generator produces transfers to the ground and is a big source of the noise of a generator. Hard surfaces like concrete make this even more noticeable. 

A low-cost way to dampen your generator’s noise would be to apply a soft layer of padding underneath which can act as an anti-vibration mount. Something like a rubber carpet pad or other soft material would work well. 

Complete the noise reduction by placing your generator far away. 


3.      Plywood Board

Take measurements of your generator and get some plywood boards that are slightly longer. 

Lean the boards against your generator in a box shape. 

When done right, this should deflect the sound.