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14 January, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Spirit Level Construction Hand Tools

A good, accurate spirit level will ensure that each stage of the structure is flat and structurally sound. In the construction equipment industry, it is a very useful hand tool. 

Levels used to be made of wood. Wood is a porous material and will warp after prolonged contact with moisture. It could also chip and splinter when dropped. Job sites are subject to a range of water, tools get misplaced or dropped and stepped on. A wooden level will begin to lose its accuracy. 


A level of aluminium or an aluminium alloy is more durable. Irrespective of weather, it will not warp, bend, or crack. With the vials being protected, a level will continue to be accurate and perform well job after job. 

Here is a list of some of our spirit levels on offer:

Spirit Level 30cm

Spirit Level 40cm

Spirit Level 80cm Industrial

Spirit Level 120cm Industrial

Spirit Level 150cm Industrial

Spirit Level 180cm Industrial

Spirit Level 200cm Industrial

Spirit Level (With Powerful Magnets) 40cm Industrial

Spirit Level (With Powerful Magnets) 80cm Industrial

Spirit Level (With Powerful Magnets) 100cm Industrial

Spirit Level (With Powerful Magnets) 120cm Industrial