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12 January, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

What Is An Air Impact Wrench?

Screwing and unscrewing screws and bolts is what air impact wrenches are for. They are called this way because they are powered by compressed air: to work they must be connected to an air compressor. Since a pneumatic screwdriver does not use or need an electric current, it can be used in complete safety even in environments that are not perfectly dry.

Structurally, air impact wrenches resemble drills. Despite being able to perform some drilling operations, they differ from drills.

The screwdriver is normally provided with a speed reducer, called an insert, which allows to decrease the number of tool rotations. Usually, with impact wrenches it is possible to have two or more speeds: the lowest one to screw, the highest one to unscrew. Depending on whether you need to perform screwing or unscrewing, you can also select the direction of rotation: clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Pneumatic wrenches may be linear or pulsed. In the first case they are small, narrow and long, and work through an impeller which produces a nearly constant rotary motion. In the second case, they do not rotate linearly. They create impulses instead which, by beating, put the insert in rotation. Equipped with a square drive for socket wrenches, these screwdrivers are used to speed up screwing and unscrewing operations and for heavier machining operations. Thanks to their structure, they are able to unscrew the most stubborn bolts. Specific mechanisms will activate in the case of resistances or other obstacles of various kinds. The impact wrenches are called this way because of their ability to rotate and strike at the same time, creating impulses. This way, when the bolt has more resistance, the strikers continue to operate, shaking the anvil inside the gun until the bolt loosens. The strikers are hooked to the anvil which, by turning, forces the bolts. The strikers come into operation and dislocate themselves to perform another rotation and begin to hit the anvil if the anvil is not able to turn.

Impulse pneumatic screwdrivers are more useful for those that perform repetitive screwing or other heavy work. Such as tire shops, mechanics, and repairers.

In fact, impulse screwdrivers are usually used to screw and unscrew the wheel hubs, remove the clutch, the steering lock, and the pins of the engine and other operations of this kind. It is important to pay close attention to the set force. Excessive intensity risks doing irreparable damage the thread, thus ruining the work.

In cases where a lot of precision is required, we recommend using a torque wrench, able to tighten to a pre-set force with enormous accuracy, thus obtaining a better tightening. Even with the screwdriver it is possible to adjust the clamping force, but with an approximate result.

When we chose which pneumatic screwdrivers to be included in the catalogue, we also thought of those who would not only be interested in the tool, but also in the accessories. Each model can be sold either individually or in the special assorted case with extension, sockets and lubricator for the screwdriver maintenance, making it a very attractive deal for those approaching the screwdriver for the first time. We recommend to strictly follow the use and maintenance manual for the maintenance operation. Incorrect use of the lubricator risks making irreparable damage the screwdriver.

The pneumatic screwdriver has a lot of potential, exponential to the frequency of its use. The more you use it, the greater the time and effort you save! However, in the event of very sporadic use, we recommend that you perform these operations manually with a good key, or rely on your trusted tire shop or mechanic.