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12 January, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

What Is A Cultivator?

To prepare your soil and keep it weed-free, you need the multi-purpose gardening tool, the TGC5001 4.8kW (6.5HP) Cultivator.

A cultivator mixes and aerates soil, removes weeds, and can also create the perfect seedbed for many plants. It uses less physical labour that using a manual tool like a spade.

While a cultivator is a type of soil tiller, and people do use the terms tiller and cultivator interchangeably, they are two different tools. Both have their own features and purposes in garden.

It is important to choose the right tool for the job. Cultivators are about finesse and fine-tuning while garden tillers provide muscle. Cultivators are less powerful tools and are designed for light tasks that will keep your garden weed free, healthy, and thriving.

What Is The Difference Between A Tiller And A Cultivator?

To tell the difference between the machines, look for the following differences:

1.      Size and type of blades - A cultivator will have blades which are lightly made up and look like star wheels. A tiller has thick strong blades and are usually in an L shape.

2.      Positioning of the blades - A cultivator will almost always have its tines in front of a small pair of wheels which sit to the rear and are usually not wheel driven. A tiller can have its blades mounted in front of a pair of wheels or behind a pair of wheels. These wheels will be much larger than a cultivator’s and may be driven by the engine.

3.      Size of the machine - A cultivator is a lightly made tool only really used for mixing uncompacted soil or for using in raised beds or flower beds. A tiller is a heavy machine used in the garden to break up hard soil or grass.

4.      Type of power supply - A cultivator can be powered by battery, electric cord, or gas. A tiller will usually never be powered by a battery or electric cord.

5.      A cultivator is the smallest size of a soil cultivating machine, in terms of a motor-powered gardening tool. The next size up is a front tine tiller and the largest is a rear tine tiller.