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11 January, 2022 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Floor Saws

Floor saws also known as concrete cutters are designed for heavy-duty construction work requiring a portable, robust solution. Our Floor Saw is walk-behind and petrol operated.

Floor Saw Applications

The TP1016-2 Floor Saw is ideal for small to medium size jobs requiring a 30-45cm diameter blade such as for cutting:

·        Concrete

·        Reinforced concrete

·        Asphalt road surfaces



The TP1016-2 Floor Saw is constructed for demanding work environments with a fully welded, high strength frame. Features include:

·        Heavy-duty, removable plastic water tank with 35 litre capacity

·        Lifting Frame for ease of loading/unloading

·        Manual lifting screw system for adjusting cutting depth

·        Accurate cut-depth control within 14cm with position lock

·        Robust adjustable follower arm

·        Blade cooling system

·        Fully adjustable handles for operator comfort

·        Quick-remove blade guard for efficient blade changes

·        High durability plastic V-belt safety guard



·        Weight: 120kg

·        35 litre water tank

·        Blade diameter: 30-45cm

·        Engine: 13hp (9.6kW) 4-stroke, OHC petrol – pull-start