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22 December, 2021 by
Mohammad Alkhateeb

Air Tools VS Power Tools

Many professional articles have been published about Air Tools which show nothing but the importance and the attention of experts in this area. Keep reading through this paper to learn what you need to know about air tools. There were only few industrial needs for Air Tools in the past. Yet in recent years, with the expansion of public use and increasing demand, a variety of these tools with different brands and qualities have entered the market. Total Tools has always been surfing on market’s wave and kept introducing innovative and high-quality tools due to user’s needs.


What Are Air Tools?

Air tools are also known as pneumatic tools. These are tools which are driven by compressed air rather than mechanical force. For portability, they could also be used by carbon dioxide capsules. Basically, there is no difference in the task they do but a huge dissimilarity in the way they overcome these tasks.


Why Not Keep Doing Everything With Power Tools In Old Ways Like Old Days?

Pneumatic tools have many advantages which question the usage of power tools by professionals. First of all, they are as strong as power tools and they do the exact same tasks. Secondly, they are powered by an air compressor or a pneumatic motor which is safer to run and easier to maintain. Also, using these tools not only removes the risk of electric shock but also minimizes the risk of short circuiting. Moreover, they have a better power-to-wight ratio which makes them smaller, lighter and cheaper tools. So why not?!

To deal with Air tools it’s good to know some terms and measuring units which can later be a good help for a better purchase. Pneumatic tools are rated using several metrics: Free Speed (RPM)Air Pressure (Psi/Bar), Air Consumption (Cfm/scfm or m3/min) and Horse Power (hp). Each individual tool has its own specifications which determine their compatibility with air compressor systems. Airflow, related to air consumption in pneumatic tools, represents the amount of compressed air that passes through a section over a unit of time. It is represented in l/min, m3, at the equivalent value in free air in conditions of standard reference atmosphere (SRA).

Nowadays Air Tools are used in nearly all major industries such as mining, construction and reconstruction, remodelling, road and highway construction, smelting, wood industries, mechanised assembling lines etc. Do cater to this wide range of jobs there are thousands of pneumatic tools in the market in different sizes and shapes. The most common Air tools are different types of impact wrenches, impact drills, drill drivers, air staplers, air cutting tools, air sanders and polishers, air hammers, air ratchets and so many others. They are all different tools with the same principle of converting the compressed air power to mechanical force.

Total Tools has been producing tools for many years and uses its experience to debug all the competitor’s products and innovate the most efficient and practical tools to fulfil all user’s needs. Air Tools are no exception in this game. Our company proudly introduces the most efficient and best-selling pneumatic tools in the market. All the Total Tools products are made from the best raw materials with the most updated technologies in the world and that is why we are always few steps ahead.

All the Air Tools are powered by compressed air so all of them need an air compressor.

You may think that buying a high-quality compressor is expensive, yet it is a good investment as all the pneumatic applicators can be used with one. The cost of Air tools are still lower than similar power tools. Total Tools air compressors come in different capacities to cover all household and industrial needs for our beloved users.

You might have heard about so many users complaining about the short life span of pneumatic tools. Why is that? The answer is simple, buying a high-quality tool is only half the way to own a good tool and maintaining it in the right way is the other half. As experts know, all the Air Tools need special care and maintenance. There is moisture in the air everywhere and that’s what is killing the tool in time. Moisture causes rust, decay and corrode in the tool and in the air compressor.

Total Tools cares! We always come up with solutions to overcome this problem. One of the best ways to minimise tool damage in making them dust proof and waterproof. Almost all the Total Tools Air tools have these two specifications. All the bodies and triggers are covered with soft rubber to prevent corrosion, damage and rust. Another way is to teach our users some precautions. There are manual books with the tool which tells you how to take care of your tools. Almost all of them have special spanner in them to open specific parts and lubricate the moving components. There is special lubricant on the tools which you can use in this matter.

All in all, Total Tools air tools are high-quality and the best seller tools in the market. Cutting edge technologies and designs has always been a part of our policy to produce the best handy tools with the highest quality of raw material. If you are looking for reasonably priced, easy to transport and move, low risk tools to do you tasks consider pneumatic tools a good substitute for power heavy tools.